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Family floater health plan or individual policy – which is a better option?

Let's explain with the help of four scenarios & decide which type of plan is  suitable for each & why:


  • Single: When you are single, it is recommended to take the individual policy because the premium will be as per each individual's age & have a lower chance of medical emergencies; hence the premium will be lower.
  • Newly Married: A married couple is always recommended to take a Family floater plan because it provides higher cover at a lower cost.
  • Family with young children: They are also recommended with a Family floater plan because the chances of all members requiring medical treatment at the same time are low.  
  • Grown-Up Family: It is recommended to take family floater for the couple & individual policy for children. This is because the premium is calculated on the basis of the oldest member. So, a separate plan for children is beneficial.   

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