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Bridgital Nation

Adopting Technology

Certain things to keep in mind when adopting technology:


  • Data privacy- Recognising individuals right over their personal data. India needs an authority that provides redress for unauthorised access to data.
  • Freedom to experiment with existing roles and create new ones- For example, advanced nurse practices can prescribe certain drugs under circumstances and not just doctors. Some more lightness of touch is needed when India limits what its professionals are permitted to do.
  • Technology can help overcome old apprehensions by redefining how services are delivered. With recognition of digital signatures and remote consultations becoming the norm, the precaution is a hurdle to better ways of  functioning. There are very likely similar instances of well-meaning regulations in other industries that have outlived their purpose.
  • Digital skilling needs official recognition- By certifying the knowledge that augmented workers gain in the course of their work, India will encourage people to improve their skills, knowledge and productivity.
  • Shaping of data rules must be as collaborative as possible with the participation of all stakeholders- start-ups, academia, civil society, small and large private companies.
  • Countries are grappling with ideas about data and responsibility, hoping to find some kind of balance- If India can create a regime forged from the concerns of every stakeholder, it won't just be a shining light unto itself -it will illuminate a path for others too.

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Etee Bajaj

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