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Bridgital Nation

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Challenges To Opportunity

Bridigital Nation can turn a challenge into an opportunity:


Seeing India's access challenge as the engine of Employment generation - it builds a tech-based bridge between the dual parts of the Indian economy and builds  a 'middle' that India sorely needs.


In this approach, technology will amplify India's resources and extend them to many more Indians. How services can be delivered and how people can use their talents differently, once aided by technology.  By using AI, machine learning, IoT and cloud in a deliberate way, it can help people access service and provide gainful employment.


An additional layer of workers will emerge who can intermediate both technology and existing resources for a larger number of people. Workers augmented by technology take on tasks previously done by experts and specialists. Experts will be freed to provide vital services. The result will be a more inclusive, productive and formalised system.


By using Bridgtal approach in health, education, agriculture, financial services, Logistics, the benefits could be:


a. Increase in approx. 30 million jobs . 

b. Increase in wages by 20 – 30%

c. Access to better services like health and education for 200 million citizens. 


This gift can keep on giving- Freedom from disease and despair, lower transaction costs, access to better education, better quality of life can unleash the creative and productive potential and employability of workers. It can set off a virtuous cycle of inclusion and growth.

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