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Bridgital Nation

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India’s challenge requires urgent attention and it should actively design the future it wants.


Three transformations are important:


1.Technological transformation: 

India should develop the capacity of Advanced digital tools to address its great challenge. It needs to see Humans and AI as mutually complementary. The technology-innovation- led delivery will score a hattrick. We will provide last- mile consumers with access to basic services at low cost, we will generate millions of jobs while doing so, and these jobs will prepare the workforce of the future for the workplace of the future.


2.Talent Transformation:

India is a vast pool of untapped human resources. To leverage this resourcefully, education system should be designed on 5 principles

  • Digital Skills
  • 21st century skills
  • New age Apprenticeship 
  • Lifelong learning
  • Entrepreneurial thinking


Once it takes off, tech driven disruption will unfold at an exponential rate. Reinvention is never easy. India will need to build bridges. It grapples with many ‘missing middles’ everyday-the mid-skill jobs it isn’t creating; the secondary-educated women who aren’t in the workforce; the mid-sized firms that so few Indian startups grow into. India’s job is to build those middles: to build the bridges between talent and productive work,using technology and foresight.


Government policy around these will also play an important role.


If all of this sounds daunting, keep in mind that the scale and the complexity of India's challenges is itself an opportunity. India has both the urgency and the human resources. When India does crack these challenges, the solution it devises will be relevant to many other societies and countries. The future of work will be imagined, designed, tested and made in India. We have all the tools, and we have already tested the waters. Let's dive in.

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