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Bridgital Nation

About the author


About the book

The book Bridigital Nation addresses the need to build human bridges, which recognises the diversity of human interface with its varied education base skill sets and access to infrastructure. It shows how the available technology and available human resources of India can act hand-in-hand for the success of transformation into the digital world of tomorrow. The book emphasises that if the future of India has to be harnessed, it has to come from a mutually beneficial relationship between its citizens and new applications of technology.


About the authors

The author of this book is  N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of the Board at TATA Sons and Roopa Purushothaman, Chief Economist & Head of Policy Advocacy at the Tata Group. They have successfully put forth their innovative and creative thoughts of using technology as a bridge to overcome India’s contemporary macroeconomic challenges.


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The book provides you with useful insights into the technological development that might change the way you live your life in the near future. We highly recommend you to read the entire book. (affiliate link)


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