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Bridgital Nation

What Is Bridigital?

Bridigital addresses access challenges through a re-imagining of the tasks and processes that make up a job, and complementing this with technology that enhances and supports workers. It has 3 elements:


Bridigital processes-

Redefining what exactly is needed and delivering solutions to everyone, especially to those without access. It involves rethinking conventional approaches to who-does-what in the value-chain of service delivery. 


For instance : 

Bridigital technology- It pushes limits of how efficiently we can make use of valuable assets such as physical assets and time of high skill workers. 


Bridigital workers- digital literacy and technology enabled workers can perform tasks currently done by high skilled workers hence improve the service quality and standardisation of the service delivery.


Example- In the health sector, the doctor could transfer the data collection, maintaining patient history, temperature, BP to digitally augmented workers and use the freed up time to serve the underserved. The data they collect could be analysed instantly by medical software. The Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) workers could be the digitally empowered bridigital workers.

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