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Coffee Can Investing

Case Study Of Real Coffee Can Portfolios In The Indian Context


Conclusion : 

The central theme of the book  is the power of compounding, which needs time to show its effectiveness. Many investors have developed cold feet at the first signs of volatility and exited. Only when you stay invested through multiple cycles, will compounding be able to work its Magic for you.


Given the long term tenures of such investments, it is critical to choose only the Highest quality Investments

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Etee Bajaj

This document is curated by Etee Bajaj. A BBA (HNRS) Graduate from St. Xaviers College, she has also completed her M.Sc.(Finance) and CFA from ICFAI University, Hyderabad. She takes keen interest in stock markets and believes in Value Investing and Fundamental research and considers the storyline of a company a crucial factor in investment. Reading autobiographies of renowned people is her hobby.