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Coffee Can Investing

Designing Your Own Financial Plan

We have sought to spell out relatively low-risk, high return investment methods throughout this book. The traps you need to avoid both with respect to your life goals and with regard to your financial objectives are stated clearly.


The essential link between your investment style and your financial objective is made through financial planning. 


Our income usually stops at retirement whereas expenses continue till we die.


Steps to follow for financial planning:

Step 1: Key in your cash flows

Step 2: Key in your current portfolio and assets

Step 3: Key in your goals


Financial planning is a dynamic exercise and needs to be carried out periodically or whenever any significant change occurs in your cash flow, assets or goals.

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Etee Bajaj

This document is curated by Etee Bajaj. A BBA (HNRS) Graduate from St. Xaviers College, she has also completed her M.Sc.(Finance) and CFA from ICFAI University, Hyderabad. She takes keen interest in stock markets and believes in Value Investing and Fundamental research and considers the storyline of a company a crucial factor in investment. Reading autobiographies of renowned people is her hobby.