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FAKE by Robert Kiyosaki

How Going To School Keep People Poor Bucking An Obsolete System?

Real education empowers people. It empowers them to do things others can’t. And, in many cases, things they thought might never be possible for them.


Fake education keeps people poor, small, limited, and tethered to tiny filaments of life, limited by limiting thoughts.


“I Can’t”: The most destructive words a person can use are the words “I can’t.” Especially when those words are tied to money: “I can’t afford it.”


What Causes Poverty?

When it comes to the cause of financial poverty, it is those few, short words – “I can’t afford it” – that keep people poor…and keep people small. If a person cannot those words into the question “How can I afford it?” they will always live in financial poverty, no matter how much money they may make.


Without real financial education, most people spend their lives saying things like: “I can’t afford it.” “You can’t do that.” “I wish I could do that.”


Invisible Poverty:

Schools teach people to be poor with a term known as invisible poverty.


Schools reinforce invisible poverty by:

  1. Punishing students for making mistakes
  2. Teaching that mistakes make you stupid
  3. Memorizing answers rather than learning by making mistakes
  4. Decreeing that there is only one right answer that the teachers have
  5. Delineating right versus wrong, rather than the concept of three sides to every coin
  6. Lacking real financial education
  7. Viewing cooperation as cheating
  8. Taking tests on your own
  9. Making it unacceptable to ask for help
  10. Never saying, “I don’t know”
  11. Not helping others
  12. Grading on the bell curve, where there are smart people and stupid people

In 1989, with the invention of the World Wide Web by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the world transitioned from the Industrial Age into the Information Age, and accelerating acceleration began. Education, however, has not changed. Education remains frozen in time.


Your greatest assets are people. So people are your greatest liabilities.


For humanity to survive, each of us needs to start telling the truth. When people start talking about the human liabilities in their lives, they start telling the truth about the inadequacy of their children’s and their own education.Simply put, education is failing to prepare people for a changing world of accelerating acceleration, a world of invisible change and invisible money. Without real spiritual education, people are paralyzed because fake teachers teach them not to make mistakes and not to ask for help, because asking for help is cheating. Without real financial education, people are blind because it is easier for the academic elite to steal the wealth of blind people via the money they work for.

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