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FAKE by Robert Kiyosaki

In God We Trust: Who Has Earned Your Trust?

Robert find it interesting that on all fake paper U.S. dollars we see the words: In God We Trust


Why are we asked to trust in God? What happened to God’s money, gold, and silver? Gold is atomic number 79. Silver is atomic number 47. Gold and silver were here during the formation of planet Earth. Gold and silver will be here when the last cockroach is finally extinct.


Gresham’s Law states: When bad [fake] money enters the system, good [real] money goes into hiding.


Look at this chart:


Now look at the chart of what happens to fake money, when our leaders print more fake money.

Image Source: FAKE by Robert Kiyosaki


Is history repeating itself?

It had been seen that German children in 1923 played with money in the streets – billions in fake money; under the Weimar Republic after WW1, inflation was such that a U.S. $1 was worth 4.2 million D.M.


The chart below shows where the kid’s money came from:




The FRED chart above shows the United States printing trillions in fake money after the crash of 2008.


Do you notice a similarity with the 1920s German printing of fake money, the Reichsmark?


The bad news is, never in human history has fake money survived. Odds are that all of today’s paper money will return to its true value: zero.


Do you still “trust in God”?


Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller wrote about “Freeing the scholar to return to his studies” – in other words: getting students out of school and letting them get back to their studies.

Fuller was saying that the invisible people who control the world economy search our schools to find the best and the brightest so they can train them to run the world economy.

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