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FAKE by Robert Kiyosaki

Printing Fake Money: History Repeats Itself

Printing fake money is not new. The ancient and modern banking systems are built on printing fake money. Printing fake money is the way banks make money. The reason banks make so much money is that, for thousands of years, the banking system has had the license to print money.


People, who work for money, work for people who print money.


Americans are reaching retirement age in worse financial shape than the prior generation.


History has proven that printing fake money never ends in prosperity. History is evidence that printing fake money always ends in poverty for those who work for fake money.


Historically – from the Chinese, the Romans, the German Weimar Republic, and Venezuela today – printing fake money has never produced a sustainable prosperity. Historically, printing fake money has always ended in either depression, revolution, war, or all of the above.

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