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FAKE by Robert Kiyosaki

The End Of The U.S. Dollar? Booms, Busts, Crashes… Collapse?

The difference between communism and capitalism:

  • Communism: Communism is based on centralized government.
  • Capitalism: Capitalism is based upon centralized banks.

Central banks do not like gold because banks cannot print gold. Central banks do not like Bitcoin and blockchain because people’s money does not need central banks. Central banks print government money. Government money has no integrity. God’s money and people’s money have more integrity than central bank money.


The Real Issue:

The real issue of government money is the word: confidence. As long as people have confidence in our governments and central banks, fake government money such as the dollar, yen, yuan, pesos, and Euro are safe. The last snowflake is confidence. The moment confidence is gone, government money is toast, the dollar collapses, and the avalanche comes tumbling down the mountain, decimating everything in its path.


Rich dad’s favorite definition of money was: “Money is an idea, backed by confidence, representing work truly done, and is exchangeable.”


In the hands of an idiot, debt turns into disaster.


The game the Big Banks and Wall Street plays is, “Heads I win. Tails you lose.”


From its creation in 1913, the most important Fed mandate has been to maintain the purchasing power of the dollar; however, since 1913 the dollar has lost over 95 percent of its value. Put differently, it takes twenty dollars today to buy what one dollar would buy in 1913.


Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero. (Voltaire 1694 – 1778)


Central Banks have become more powerful than governments by virtue of their ability to create massive amounts of money without any legal restrictions or limitations on the amount.


Doctors and medicine are fake health… and that inner spirituality is real health.


Millions of people were seeking financial relief, not a cure. Most people want the easy road to wealth, which is why most people never achieve great wealth or relief from real money worries.

  • Your spiritual health is found in your illness.
  • Your spiritual wealth is found in your poverty.
  • Your spiritual happiness is found in your sadness.

LESSON: Being present with your pain, your weakness, your darkness, and the Judas in you, is where your real spirituality is found.

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