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Get Rich with Dividends


In the final chapter of the book, the author concludes that all of us are trying to achieve our financial goals and the path to achieve is through investing in different financial instruments like stocks, banks deposits, bonds etc. Since many of them attract a significant amount of risk. So what option do we have?


The author urges us to put the 10–11–12 System to work and start getting rich with dividends. 


Letting your investments compound over time will enable you to reach your financial objectives. That’s what this book is all about. 

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Jeremy Silva

Jeremy Silva lives near San Francisco with his wife and son. He is a writer, blogger, and personal investor. He is passionate about education, personal development, project management, and investing. His blog has over 100 book summaries on many topics including investing, self-help, and business. You can click on the link to read some interesting book summaries on Jeremy’s website (https://jsilva.blog/book-summaries/).