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Learn to Earn - Peter Lynch

The Companies Around Us

Principles of Finance are simple and easily grasped.


  • Saving equals investment- Those who save and invest for the future will be more prosperous in the future than those who run out and spend all the money they get their hands-on.
  • Why USA is a rich country? At one point they had one of the highest savings rates in the world. It's not how much money you make that determines your future prosperity but how much money you put to work by saving and investing it.

Companies around us

  • What is a Company? A company is a corporate body which has filled legal papers with an address to get incorporated.
  • Beauty of a corporation is that although it can be sued as can its managers and directors but the shareholders are protected.
  • That’s why “Limited” is put at the end of the name, to show that liability is limited. Without limited liability nobody would want to buy a single share of stock.

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Etee Bajaj

This document is curated by Etee Bajaj. A BBA (HNRS) Graduate from St. Xaviers College, she has also completed her M.Sc.(Finance) and CFA from ICFAI University, Hyderabad. She takes keen interest in stock markets and believes in Value Investing and Fundamental research and considers the storyline of a company a crucial factor in investment. Reading autobiographies of renowned people is her hobby.