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Mastering The Market Cycle

The Cycle In Success

Success carries within itself the seeds of failure, and failure the seeds of success.


Success is not good for most people. Success can change people, and usually not for the better. Success makes people think they are smart.


In investing there is a complex relationship between humility and confidence.


Pronounced bargain prices are most likely to be found among things that conventional wisdom dismisses, that make most investors uncomfortable, and whose merits are hard to comprehend.

Don’t confuse brains with a bull market.


Company’s gains can lead to losses and losses can lay the groundwork for gains. There is a cycle in business success.

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Jeremy Silva

Jeremy Silva lives near San Francisco with his wife and son. He is a writer, blogger, and personal investor. He is passionate about education, personal development, project management, and investing. His blog has over 100 book summaries on many topics including investing, self-help, and business. You can click on the link to read some interesting book summaries on Jeremy’s website (https://jsilva.blog/book-summaries/).