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One Up On Wall Street

The Making Of A Stock Picker

The first chapter of the book is all about Peter Lynch ensuring the investors that no individual is a born stock market professional. He himself was an amateur when he began in 1963 yet he is a successful US investor today with a net worth of $450 million.


If he can, you can too. In this chapter of this book Lynch highlights the following points: 


  • An individual cannot help but wonder what investments in stocks can do for them after going through the entire review of the book. 
  • Lynch and his family witnessed the Great Depression in the 1930s. His family thought it was best for him not to engage in the stock market. But such urging put him & his family in counter-arguments while he was in his teens. He was a golf club attendant at that time at a posh course that was in proximity to Boston. Lynch caddied for CEOs & presidents of renowned companies such as Polaroid, Fidelity investments that were privately held, Gillette, etc.

This shows that one can receive the best education on stocks from anywhere, and not necessarily a formal education is required always. For example: Lynch picked up most of his learnings from the golf course.


Though he had no funds to invest in stock tips, the happy stories he heard on the Golf course, made him rethink his family’s stand that the stock market was a place to lose money. 

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