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One Up On Wall Street

Is This A Good Market? Please Don’t Ask.

Peter Lynch believed that people should invest in companies and not in stock markets. In the 5th chapter of his book, he explains that one should never ask, "is this a good market to invest in?" because there are thousands of professionals who have tried to predict the market but have not been able to do so consistently. 


According to him, a person does not have to predict the stock market to make money in stocks. He wanted to convince people that the market is irrelevant.


The author didn’t believe in predicting markets; instead he thought about buying great companies, especially those that are undervalued. 


According to Lynch, every major up and down in the market has surprised him, and in no way is he a predictor of the market.


He believes that there is no market, such as an overvalued market, and there is no point in worrying about it either. A person will know when the market is overvalued, when they find a company that is reasonably priced and meets other criteria of an investment.

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