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One Up On Wall Street

Key Learnings From Section 1

  • Don’t overestimate the skill and wisdom of professionals.
  • Take advantage of what you already know.
  • Look for opportunities that haven’t  yet been discovered and certified by Wall Street—companies that are “off the radar scope.”
  • Invest in a house before you invest in a stock
  • Invest in companies, not in the stock market
  • Ignore short-term fluctuations
  • Large profits and Losses can be made in common stocks
  • Predicting the economy and short term direction of the stock market is futile.
  • The long-term returns from stocks are both relatively predictable and also far superior to the long-term returns from bonds.
  • Keeping up with a company in which you own stock is like playing an endless stud-poker hand.
  • Common stocks aren’t for everyone, nor even for all phases of a person’s life.
  • The average person is exposed to interesting local companies and products years before the professionals.
  • Having an edge will help you make money in stocks.
  • In the stock market, one in the hand is worth ten in the bush.

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