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Option Greeks


Finally, now at the end of this module, we have learned that the price of an option largely varies for five factors: Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta and Rho. These are combinedly known as Option Greeks. Not only that, we have learned how these options greeks affect the change in the price of an option but also discuss why they affect. For a trader, it becomes easy to trade options when they are completely aware of how and when the different options greeks affect the price at different time periods. 


A 360 degree knowledge of options greeks helps a trader to implement several options strategies in the best possible manner that eventually increases the profitability while trading in the market. It is now time for you to implement these strategies you have learned from this module but don't expect a quick and huge chunk of money easily. This is because expertise comes with time and effort. So, keep practicing and develop your trading skills.  

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