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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Getting Started

The book Rich Dad Poor Dad tells us that Rich Dad Poor Dad tells us that “there is gold everywhere, most people are not trained to see it.”


  • The author lists ten steps that should be followed to develop your financial genius and IQ and discover the gold that's already with you, just waiting to be found.
  • Have a deep emotional reason or purpose for doing what you do, a combination of wants and don’t wants.
  • Understand the power of choice and choose daily what to do, including choosing the right habits and educating yourself.
  • Choose your friends carefully by leveraging the power of association, being careful not to listen to poor or frightened people.
  • Master the power of learning quickly and develop a formula for making money.
  • Pay yourself first by mastering the power of self-discipline to manage your cash flow, people, and personal time.
  • Select great people for your team and compensate them generously for their advice, because the more money they make the more money you will make.
  • Ask “How fast do I get my money back?” by focusing on return of investment first, followed by return on investment.
  • Use money generated by assets you own to buy luxuries by focusing on self-discipline to direct money to create more.
  • Have a role model to follow and tap into the power of their genius to put to your use.
  • Realize that if you want something, you need to give something first.

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