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Ari Kiev M.D.: The Mind Of A Winner

Ari Kiev is neither a Market Wizard nor a trader. Doctor Kiev was the first psychiatrist to be appointed to the U. S. Olympic Sports Medicine Committee during 1977-82.


His advice is extremely important because one of the world’s greatest traders, Steve Cohen attributes his success to Dr Kiev.


He has authored many books including Strategies for Success, The Psychology of Risk and Trading to Win.


Doctor Kiev explains that it is important to have belief in what you are doing. Believing that something is possible makes it achievable. You have to commit to work towards it. If one wants to achieve an exceptional goal, then he will have to move out of his comfort zone.


On winning, he advises traders to first define a target, then construct a strategy that is consistent with that target. A set of discipline and risk management guidelines must be followed. He explains that the objective of setting targets is to create a benchmark for performance evaluation. Then trade, track and evaluate your performance. It will help focus on correct things that are not being done and also on wrong things that are being done. Every individual needs to monitor his performance to make sure he is moving in tandem with his target and if not, then to get diagnosed for what is holding them back. 

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