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The Psychology of Money

Wealth Is What You Don’t See

(Chapter 9)

“Someone driving a $100,000 car might be wealthy. But the only data point you have about their wealth is that they have $100,000 less than they did before they bought the car.”


“Wealth is financial assets that haven’t yet been converted into the stuff you see.”


Housel reminds us that when people say they want to be millionaires, what it really means is that they want to spend a million dollars.


Spending a million dollars is “literally the opposite of being a millionaire.”


Difference between wealthy and rich:

People who live in big homes and drive fancy cars are rich. People with big incomes are rich. They display the fact that they are rich.
Wealth is hidden. Wealth is income that is saved, not spent. Wealth is optionality, flexibility and growth. Wealth is the ability to purchase stuff if you needed to.

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