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The Richest Man In Babylon

Meet The Goddess Of Good Luck

The people of Babylon wanted to know the secrets of attracting luck, i.e., the secrets of attracting money. The author gives an example and states that when we execute a trade after researching all the facts and figures, the chances that we will lose our money become low.


But when we pull a slot machine, the chances of generating profits become extremely low. This is because a slot machine’s mechanism is made in such a way that most of us will suffer losses on most of the occasions. A slot machine’s business model is made in such a way that the game always favors the gamekeeper and not the player.


The only way to be lucky here is to not spend any money.


If you want luck, then earn money, invest it. When that investment matures, you will have a large sum of money, just like magic.


When you see an opportunity to invest in an offer that looks like a bargain, invest in it. You need to overcome procrastination if you’re going to acquire riches. Opportunity comes to those who wait, but it doesn’t wait for anyone. So, take advantage of the opportunities which are being presented to you.


The habit of needless delaying when an action is required should be avoided. If you achieve all of the above points, then good luck surely will come to you.

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