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The Richest Man In Babylon

The Luckiest Man In Babylon

Here we meet Sharru Nada, who is travelling with the grandson of his partner, HadanGalu. Sharru tells Hadan that he was once a slave and that he considered  himself lucky as he was sold to a baker. He was so happy to be able to learn the trade of a baker. He told Hadan that his grandfather had also been a slave, but who was close to buying his freedom. When Sharru and Arad, Hadan’s grandfather, met next, Arad had been freed and Sharru had been sold to another master. Arad bought Sharru’s freedom, and this story touches Hadan’s heart. Hadan from that moment on decides that work truly is the only key needed to his future successes.


The lesson we should learn from this chapter is that hard work can make us achieve a lot of things in our lives. Never stop working and learning.


Also, never deny any work. Do anything that is being presented to you because doing something is far more beneficial than sitting idle.

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