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The Thoughtful Investor

Analyzing Secular Growth Stocks

The section concludes with this Chapter, which lists the points made while analyzing companies with long-term growth such as consumers, IT, and pharmaceuticals. 


Pricing power - If a company can raise its prices by 6-8% per year or maintain its prices while the input costs are low. However, business expansion is more important because prices can only be raised only till a certain point. 


Breaking the product down into smaller sizes is an excellent way to keep customers. As the price of the products falls.


Some characteristics of a long-term growth company include:

  • Expensive as compared with stocks from other sectors.
  • Long-term business viability, for example it’s not easy for a company like Nestle or a Colgate to go out of business. 
  • Generating free cash flow and low in capital expenditure as these companies throw back lots of cash dividends to its shareholders. 

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