Attributes Of A Full Time Investor

“When work becomes passion - wealth follows”. - Basant Maheshwari.


This section discusses the characteristics that make up a good investor, some of which include being passionate about stocks as well as being optimistic about things in general as a person. 


An investor must also devote a significant amount of time reading books about people who have made a fortune. He refers to investing as a game or a bet several times in this book, not to diminish the long-term appeal of this art, but to remind the reader that the act of investing is always surrounded by uncertainty.  


Some advice:

The first job of an investor should be to look for like minded people who focus on serious investing. Develop a habit of reading and create a list of books on people who made it big in the world of investing and try to understand the philosophies to sharpen his/her own skills. An investor should go through these books slowly, underline the important points and make notes, wherever he/she feels like. The easiest way to develop the skill in the investing game is by being in the market, reading experiences of people who have succeeded in converting a limited capital into a retirement fund. The other aspect is to put real money to work and not engage in mock trading that involves trading with paper capital only as one won’t learn how to handle the emotions of greed and fear.

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