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Think and Grow Rich

Faith, Visualization & Belief

This chapter talks about the second step towards riches.


 The author shows us how important it is to have an unwavering faith along with an intense desire to achieve our goals. 


The unshakeable belief in it and the ability to achieve it is immensely essential. Faith works on a subconscious level and helps one to move towards one’s goal. 


Faith can be created by repeated instructions to the subconscious mind by something called Auto-Suggestion, i.e., any thought which is repeatedly passed onto the subconscious mind is finally accepted and acted upon by it. It further translates the thought into its physical equivalent in the most practical way possible. 


Thoughts with not only positive emotions but also negative emotions are passed onto the subconscious mind. Hence if you think negatively, those beliefs will take over your mind and block the positive thoughts, which in turn will cause a hindrance in overcoming your current situation and achieving your goals.  


If a person has failed and believes that he has no control over it, then he is solely responsible for his misfortune because his subconscious mind picks up this negative belief and translates it into its physical equivalent.


If a man repeats a lie, again and again, he will eventually accept that lie is the truth. A person is a reflection of his dominating thoughts which he allows his mind to occupy. Any man can deceit his subconscious mind by giving himself repeated instructions. 


This can be made realistic by behaving as if he has already possessed what he desires.


Hence, every person is what he is, only because of the dominating thoughts that he allows to occupy his mind. Thoughts that have emotions carry a magnetic force that attracts similar and related thoughts from the cosmos (both constructive and destructive).  


According to Hill, when you take into account your mental assets and liabilities, you will know that the lack of self-confidence can be your greatest weakness. 


The best way to induce self-confidence is to commit it to your memory and read it aloud daily. This will gradually influence your thoughts and actions and will ultimately help you in becoming successful.


For example, Mahatma Gandhi did not have battleships, soldiers, money, or warfare materials. All he had was power. Power created out of faith and the ability to transplant it into the minds of 200 million people unanimously. 


Even the strongest military power couldn’t achieve what Gandhi achieved with faith. Similarly, the giant organisation, United Steel States, was created in one man's mind. His faith, desire, imagination, and persistence were the real powers that went into it.


Our only limitations are the ones that we create in our minds. Both riches and poverty are the outcomes of thought.

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