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Think and Grow Rich

Imagination: The Workshop Of the Mind

This unit talks about imagination, which is the fifth step towards riches. 


Imagination is like a workshop where desires are given shape and form. It is a very crucial tool to convert your thoughts into actionable ideas. 


The author says that a person can achieve anything that he imagines. However, this power of imagination usually declines when it is not put into regular use. People who have just started using their imagination in a very basic way have to reach new heights to develop this faculty.


There are two types of imaginations: 



Synthetic imagination involves rearranging old ideas, plans, and concepts in a new way. It doesn’t create anything new. Instead, it just works on the materials of education, experience, and observation.


Creative imagination involves working with one’s subconscious mind and generating new ideas. This imagination helps us to procure plans, which ultimately helps us achieve our goals. It is functional only when the conscious mind is spurred by a strong emotional desire. It allows us to receive vibrations from the mind of others. It also helps us to tune in or connect with other people's subconscious minds.


Desire is just an abstract thought and holds no value unless it’s transformed into its physical equivalent. To transform these desires into reality, a plan is required which can be formed with the help of synthetic imagination.


Many years ago, a doctor sold an old kettle, a wooden spoon, and a secret formula to a drug store clerk for $500. It was a good deal for the retiring doctor. However, he was unaware of the fact that this actually was a life-changing deal for him. The clerk was very sure that he just did not purchase the kettle and spoon but also an idea with it. He used the secret formula to create a sugary soda beverage in the name of ‘Coca-Cola’.  


The clerk became super successful with the aggressively marketed beverage and created employment beyond imagination. This gave business opportunities to people all across the globe, while all of this just started with an idea.


Hence adding imagination to one’s specialised knowledge is immensely important if one wants to grow rich.

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