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Think and Grow Rich

Power Of The Master Mind: The Driving Force

The ninth step towards riches


Power is essential if one wants to accumulate wealth. However, power is more important for the retention of money after it has been acquired. 


Power may be defined as: “organised and intelligently directed knowledge”.


The sources of organised knowledge are:

  • Infinite Intelligence,
  • Accumulated Experience, and
  • Experiment and Research.

Mastermind is the coordination of knowledge between two or more people to achieve a definite goal. 


There are two characteristics of the masterminds - economic and psychic


Having a mastermind group has serious advantages. For example, when a person is surrounded by like-minded people who want to attain a similar goal, he will think and act similarly. Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford also had their own mastermind groups.


A man's brain can be compared to an electric battery. It can absorb the energy from the cosmos, which pervades every atom of matter and fills the entire universe with it. Obviously, a group of electric batteries will produce more energy than a single battery. 


Similarly, a group of brains (working in perfect harmony) will provide more thought energy than a single brain. This energy is created when this alliance becomes available to every individual person in that group.


According to the author, Mahatma Gandhi was the most powerful man who lived on Earth. It was a miracle to bring two hundred million people and make them cooperate together for a limitless time, that too in the spirit of harmony. All this was done without forcing anyone. For a man, it may be difficult to induce just two people to cooperate with him in such a spirit.


The wall street crash of ‘29 revealed that poverty and riches often change places. Hill says that poverty is bold and ruthless and needs no plan. However, riches are timid and shy and need to be attracted.

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