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Think and Grow Rich

The Mystery Of Sex

The tenth step towards riches


In this chapter, the author explains that out of all human desires, the desire for sex is the most powerful. Also, how people risk their wealth, life, and reputation to fulfill it. He believes that if a person’s sexual energy is transformed into a creative one, it can help us in boosting our willpower. This chapter explains how we can master our own sexuality and redirect this energy towards attaining our goals.


According to Hill, sex is both energy and emotion which has three benefits:


1.Perpetuation of mankind,
2.Health maintenance,
3.Transformation of average ability to genius through transmutation.


Transmutation means harnessing the power of sexual energy in making us rich. This can be done by redirecting your thoughts from the physical meaning of sex to creative efforts. This creative force can be in the form of art, literature, music, or even achieving riches. 


Redirected sexual energy is the part of the creative energy behind all wealthy people. There are 10 main stimuli for the human mind, which are: desire for sex, love, desire for wealth, music, friendship, mastermind, auto-suggestion, mutual suffering, fear, and drugs and alcohol.


The author believed that a genius is developed through his sixth sense. The sixth sense can also be called creative imagination. The ideas that come to a person's mind, through the sixth sense is from the following sources:


  • Infinite Intelligence.
  • Subconscious mind.
  • Other people's conscious thoughts.
  • Other people's subconscious thoughts.

This chapter explains that creative faculty can be trained to increase our performances only if we exercise it. 


Sex transmutation requires a lot of willpower, persistence, and training.


People who lack sexual energy are never enthusiastic and fail to inspire others. This is the most important requirement in salesmanship. The period of 40 to 60 years is the most productive age of a man. Love is important to induce balance. When love is mixed with sex, it brings calmness and accuracy of our judgements. Some men also mix it with the faith of romance which results in an even more powerful energy. The secret, however, lies in understanding the process of transmutation. All negative emotions can be transformed into positive ones by changing your thoughts. This is the road to becoming a genius.


People who solely carry sexual energy tend to deprive themselves of all the happiness. They are not able to enjoy their wealth and lives. They may achieve success but their actions are distorted and destructive. When the desire is only having sex, a man may steal, cheat, or even murder. However, when a man mixes love with the emotion of sex, he will be able to guide his actions with balance and logic.


Sex is physical and love is spiritual. That is why love associates itself with Infinite Intelligence. When romance is added to this feeling of love and sex, all obstructions between finite mind and infinite intelligence are removed and a genius is born.


Transmutation of sexual energy into creative energy involves two steps:


  • Accumulation of sexual energy.
  • Redirecting this energy.

This chapter may sound awkward but the concept is very simple. Hill just wanted to put across that sexual desire is one of the strongest human desires and if this willpower is harnessed into productivity and creativity, the results can prove to be life-changing.

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