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The Sixth Sense: The Door To The Temple Of Wisdom

The thirteenth step towards riches


The 13th principle is the sixth sense which can be applied only when one has mastered all the other twelve principles. 


Hill defines the sixth sense as the part of the subconscious mind that is creative imagination. It is also the receiving set of the brain where ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into. These flashes are sometimes called hunches. 


The sixth sense is beyond description. It can be understood only through mind development which can be attained through meditation. 


It is the mode of connection between the finite mind of man and infinite intelligence. Hence it is both mental and spiritual. It is a point where a man's mind contacts the Universal Mind.


Hill confesses that he has experienced the sixth sense but he fails to understand the mechanics behind it. Sometimes people do things out of their gut feeling and they come out to be right. 


The author talks about the technique of the invisible counsellors. It helped him to be reborn as a new man who is free of superstition and ignorance. However, as time passed, the method became a medium to access the subconscious when he wanted advice on real problems.


Every night Napoleon held a meeting of invisible counsellors, who used to sit around him and Napoleon served as a chairman. These counsellors were the nine men whom the author tried to imitate because he was so impressed with them. 


They were Emerson, Parker, Edison, Darwin, Lincoln, Burbank, Napoleon, Ford, and Carnegie.


He very much knew that people become what they are because of their dominating thoughts. In order to rebuild his character, he wished that each of his counsellors would contribute something.


He desired to acquire the marvellous understanding of nature from Emerson and asked for his assistance in reaching the sources of such knowledge.


From Burbank, he asked for the knowledge that enabled him to harmonize the law of nature. The reason which made cactus shed its thorns and become an edible food. 


From Napoleon, he asked the quality to inspire other people and also the spirit of enduring faith which helped him turn defeat into victory.


He wished to acquire the freedom of thought and expression from Paine.  


From Darwin, he wanted to possess the patience to study the cause and effect without any prejudice. 


From Lincoln, he desired a sense of justice, humour, and human understanding. 


Carnegie could help him by giving a thorough understanding of organized efforts and how effectively they can be used in building an industry.


From Ford, he wanted persistence, determination, and self-confidence which could help him monster poverty and simplify human efforts. 


Lastly, from Edison, he wanted the spirit of faith which helped him discover any secrets of nature.


After several months, the imaginary figures became apparently real and the subconscious mind had started working to its advantage. He owed entirely to his invisible counsellors, for ideas, facts, and knowledge which he received in the form of inspiration. 


Hill believed that one of the best ways to reprogram your subconscious mind is the technique of the invisible counsellors which creates your own imaginary mentor. It is just one of the many visualization techniques to access the subconscious mind. He says that auto-suggestion is the main tool to train the subconscious.


He also says that in spite of not believing in miracles, there somehow seems to be a higher power. The power that can transform things beyond our wildest imagination.

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