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Think and Grow Rich

The Subconscious Mind

The eleventh step towards riches


The most important idea shared in this chapter is how we can harness our subconscious minds so that our desires take shape into riches. Our subconscious mind is a place where every thought is recorded and can be recalled later. It is possible to voluntarily plant a plan into our subconscious. This can help us in achieving anything we want. 


The author says that our subconscious mind is constantly working, day and night, even when we are sleeping. It conditions largely all our habits, desires, and actions. If one can implant the success into their subconscious, they will develop faith, creativity, and belief which in turn, will help them to achieve their desired goal. 


One good way to plant desires into the subconscious is through visualization and meditation. 


We must have patience and persistence in doing so. When you get a good control over your subconscious, you will see that it cannot be influenced by any undesirable thoughts.


Emotions work as a catalyst to enter your subconscious mind. There are seven major positive and negative emotions. The negative ones get injected on their own however, the positive ones need to be injected through autosuggestion. Hill refers to the subconscious as the “inner audience”


He believed that one must speak in a language which our subconscious can understand, otherwise it will not hear our calls. The language which the inner audience can understand is that of emotions.


The major positive emotions are: desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, and hope.


There are many other positive emotions but these are the major ones which are required in a creative effort.


The major negative emotions are: fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition, and anger.


Both our positive and negative emotions cannot occupy our minds at the same time. One of these dominates over the other. It is your own responsibility to make sure that your mind is constantly occupied with positive emotions. This is only possible if we have good habits. 


For example, you must have seen people pray only when everything else has failed. If you pray with a feeling of fear and doubt, your prayers will go in vain. 


The art of praying is a form of science and not a technique. 


Before your prayer reaches infinite intelligence, it is transformed from its original vibration into a spiritual vibration. Faith is the only fact that gives us a spiritual nature. Faith and fear don't get along. They cannot coexist in one’s mind.

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