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Trade like a stock market wizard

An Introduction Worth Reading

Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard, reveals the proven, time-tested trading system which the author Mark Minervini has used to achieve triple-digit returns. Mark Minervini shares his  Specific Entry Point Analysis (SEPA) trading strategy in this book. It’s practically a trend-following/breakout strategy that screens for variables like relative strength, earnings and institutional interest. It counts on both technicals and fundamentals. It focuses on young small/mid-cap stocks.


Minervini’s method is not for those who are lazy. The investor will have to work out with his fundamental study and chart analysis.


This book will resonate for those who can buy stocks at 52-week highs, for those who are looking for the next super performer and for those who are ready to invest in the time to become a qualified analyst and trader. Even those who are disciplined enough to buy after an established trend.


Different market players have different investing styles, but without anomaly, winning stock traders share important attributes required for success.


Two things are required: a passion to succeed and a winning method.


Success needs an opportunity. The stock market provides tremendous opportunity daily. To spot them and take advantage of them, you must be disciplined to apply the proper investment strategies.


Commitment and a desire to succeed are required to achieve super performance in stocks. Don’t get convinced that you can’t do it. People think it’s impossible to achieve super performance because they have never achieved it themselves. You should ignore any demoralization that you confront.


Mark’s style is to be aggressive and at the same time be extremely risk-conscious. “Risk-first” approach works best for him.


By sticking to a disciplined strategy, he could accomplish the most important goal of protecting his trading account and keeping the profits made during the last bull markets.


When you make a firm commitment, you put yourself much ahead in the race for success. This is because most people have a natural tendency to overestimate their achievements in the short run and underestimate them over the long  run.


Opportunities can spring up in the stock market on short notice. You must be prepared and ready to take advantage of them. 

There is no alternative for real-life experience. The only way to acquire experience is by acting and producing results and then understanding those results, good and bad. Unfortunately, experience cannot be fed forcibly; it must be attained personally over time. However, as you go through hardships, your expertise cannot be taken away from you.


Passion cannot be learnt but comes from within you. It surpasses monetary reward. If you enjoy doing what you are great at, money will automatically come your way. 


To realize profits from stocks, you must make three correct decisions: what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell. All your decisions may not be correct but they can be intelligent. Believing in yourself and willing to work towards it shall make everything possible.

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