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Unknown Market Wizards


About the book


'Unknown Market Wizards' is a book by Jack D. Schwager (author) that reminds all traders that each trader has to find an approach that suits his personality and that works within their set of risk parameters. After this approach is discovered, they can exploit this edge over and over again. 


The book is a curation of several stories of traders around the world that are unknown to the investment world. Despite their anonymity, these traders have achieved fabulous performance records than rivals, if not surpass, the best professional managers. 


About the author 

Jack Schwager is a well-known industry expert in futures and hedge funds. He is the author of many widely praised financial books. He is known for his best-selling series of interviews in the last three decades: Market Wizards, The New Market Wizards, Stock Market Wizards, Hedge Fund Market Wizards, and The Little Book of Market Wizards. 


He is the co-founder of FundSeeder. This firm seeks to find undiscovered trading talent across the world via its trader platform.


Jack Schwager is also a seminar speaker and has lectured on a variety of analytical topics like characteristics of great traders, investment misbeliefs, hedge fund portfolios, technical analysis, and evaluation of trading. 


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This book provides you with great insights into what it takes to become successful in the markets. We highly recommend you to read the entire book. (affiliate link)


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