Cloning your way to Stock Market success


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The webinar on Cloning Strategy is intended for all the market participants having a long term vision. It is a very interesting and easy to understand system which aims to replicate the performance of successful fund or fund managers. Many people have been knowingly/unknowingly following stock picks of renowned institutions and individuals but have not tried to create a process around the same. This one simple but major flaw has led to many investors making errors while picking stocks. This webinar is designed to teach people how they can create a process around cloning so that “unforced errors” can be reduced to a minimum leading to superior long term returns in the equities market.


  • Why to use cloning as a strategy in equity markets
  • Historical track record of people practicing cloning
  • Preparing a holistic process to clone the good investors
  • Learning the “proper” way to clone investors
  • Understanding the pitfalls around cloning process
  • Some “traps” to avoid

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to the concept of cloning.
  • Creating a process around cloning which is easy to understand for advanced traders as well as beginners.
  • Helping you to become a successful investor in the stock markets for the long run.

About the Speaker

Mr. Karan Sharma -CFA (US)-

Karan has experience of more than 8 years as a trader & investor in equities & currencies and is currently working as manager of Family Office Funds at Kredent Capital. He has completed his CFA (US) in 2014. He has been involved in the research team at Kredent since 2009 and has worked under various roles over the years. Currently he is involved in the investing vertical at Kredent managing funds in the equity markets with a long term horizon. Besides equities market Karan also has a passion for travelling, exercising and football.

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