How to Detect Manipulation in Financial Statements


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Most of the fundamental investors look at company financial statements and take their decision to invest. Financial statement analysis thus forms an essential element for investing in stock markets. There have been various instances where the financial statements are manipulated by companies and this has resulted in a huge loss for investors. This webinar will cover a lot of tricks and areas of accounting manipulation which will enable investors to make a sound investing decision. 


  • To study various tricks, accounting gimmickry and learning key tools which can help us detect accounting manipulation. 
  • Understanding various techniques that companies use to inflate the revenues and earnings as well as manipulate various cash flow items.


What You Will Learn

  • Key tools used by companies to manipulate financial statements
  • Application of tools to identify potential companies where the financial statements could have been manipulated
  • Identifying red flags and staying away from such companies for investing 


  • Attendees must have basic knowledge of financial statements and accounting principles
  • Laptop/Desktop, High-Speed Internet, and a good quality Headphone.

About the Speaker

Vivek Mashrani -Chartered Financial Analyst (Virginia, USA)-

I am a Chartered Financial Analyst (Virginia, USA) and an active member of Indian Association of Investment Professionals (IAIP). MBA with specialization in Capital Markets from NMIMS, Mumbai. 

Have been investing in capital markets from last 10 years using Fundamental and Technical analysis. Passionate about investing, books, traveling, swimming, yoga, and meditation. blogger on TechnoFunda -

Recently was a speaker at Traders Carnival and spoke on "Blending Technicals and Fundamentals" 

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Good endeavor to train others!


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"Could have explained more on Modified C-Score and sources where we can find it"



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