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System based Trading using Point & Figure Charts


Learn how to be a system based trader using Point & Figure chart. Unlike all other charting methods, point and figure charts do not have a time axis, as these are formed purely out of price action.Designed for long-term investment, point and figure (P&F) charts have been described as one of the simplest systems for determining solid entry and exit points in stock market trading.  


  • Showcasing objective based trading using Point & Figure charts & patterns
  • Point-and-figure chartists forecast trading prices after a breakout by using the box count 
  • Point-and-figure chartists create forecasts in each case with an ingenious version of momentum    

What You Will Learn

  • Point & Figure Charts Construction, 7 Patterns, How to decide Entry, Target & Stop Loss for each trade  
  • Learn Point & Figure Chart Patterns like Breakout of Symmetrical triangle Chart Pattern & Others for trading stocks (Based on P&F) 
  • A simple trick to know your odds of success in Stock Trading   

Materials to be shared with participants

The presentation of the webinar


Abhishek Dutta (Trader)

Active investor & trader since 2010 have been exclusively using point & chart to trade markets actively trade indices with focus on writing weekly options & straddles.

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Upcoming Webinars

Mr. Souradeep Dey Trader, educator, analyst

31 August   11:00   4 Hours   2000/- +18% GST