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Technical Analysis
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Expert-led Recorded Program
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Moonmoon Biswas

In today's world the stock/FX market trading profession is becoming popular day by day. Anybody with the knowledge in stock/FX market basics and with the help of technical analysis can earn a lot of money by sitting at home, specially the housewives, students, the retired persons and the professionals. This course is specially designed for the persons who want to be a successful trader or a technical analyst. 

After this course, you'll be able to do your trade more profitably by finding out different candlestick patterns in any chart. You'll be able to take a right decision at tough times in your trade. This course will help to understand that what will be the starting or ending level of a stock market cycle which will help to take right decision in long term investment.


This Course contains 14 lectures (3 Hours 20 minutes) divided in 4 modules. After each module there is a quiz. Among these 14 lectures, 12 lectures are basically theoretical and 2 lectures are case study based on DJIA and Nifty.

This course is designed for the persons who have basic knowledge in technical analysis and wants to improve that to the next level. 

The content areas include:

  • Price Volume Chart techniques
  • Detailed discussion on candlestick (Formation, Positioning, etc)
  • Different continuation and reversal patterns in Candlestick.
  • Advanced Technical Indicators and Market Indicators
  • Crowd Behaviour and Market Cycles
  • Detailed discussion on Elliot Wave Principle
  • Fibonacci ratio and Price Projection


Anyone who wants to earn a livelihood by participating in market-trading like Students/Housewives/Professionals/Dealers/Retired Persons. But the person should have knowledge on the following areas:-

  • Basic Stock Market
  • Basic Technical Analysis

Topics Covered

  • Advance Charting Techniques and formation of Candlestick
  • Candlestick Positioning
  • Candlestick Continuation Patterns
  • Candlestick Reversal Patterns, Part-I
  • Candlestick Reversal Patterns, Part-II
  • Case study on DJIA showing different candlestick patterns
  • Advance Technical Indicators, Part-I
  • Advance Technical Indicators, Part-II
  • Market Indicator
  • Crowd behavior and market cycles
  • Elliot wave principle, Part-I
  • Elliot wave principle, Part-II
  • Fibonacci Ratio and Price projection
  • How to count wave in real life in any index/security


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