How To Buy Low And Sell High Webcast

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This course will show you the ways of annotating the charts using standard tools to know how to use them to the maximum benefit in defining end of the moves where tops and bottoms form. Efficient application of technical tools to create low risk zones to enter and exit stocks to maximize the profit potential.


The course aims to equip the students with the necessary theoretical and practical know how in identifying stocks at the bottom and sell it at the top. This course is most suitable for those aspiring to start with their own trading.It is also beneficial for individuals who are afraid of technical jargon and are looking for someone to explain technical analysis to them in easy and simple words.


Traders or individuals interested in technical analysis should definitely opt for this course. The course is a good mix of practical and theory and prepares you well to trade in the practical world with the help of various strategies. 

Topics Covered

  • Tops and Bottoms: Fibonacci Tools, Candlesticks, Volume & Trendlines
  • Looking for  Reversals Using Divergences and Pitchforks
  • Identifying Trading Opportunities using Bollinger Bands


Intended Participants

All technically oriented investors, traders and analysts who desire to fine tune their entries and exits as close to the turning point as possible.

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