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This course is no longer available
Positional Stock Trading Strategies

Positional Stock Trading Strategies

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This course is no longer available



*inclusive of taxes

This course is no longer available

Course Details

  • Listed In : Technical Analysis
  • Language : English
  • Difficulty : Basic
  • Validity : 1 Years
  • Program : Self-Paced Recorded
  • Instructor : Yash Utmani -

1 students enrolled

This course is no longer available

*EMI option also available

Course Highlights

  • 19 videos
  • 1+ Hour of Video Content
  • 2 Word Documents (Practical Solved Excercise)
  • Chapter-wise Tests


Positional Stock Trading is a type of stock trading method where in traders take different positions in stocks ,so as to take the advantage of a dominant trend. The dominant trend may be short term or long term in nature. A positional trader primarily tries to identify the suitable trade-setups and then place an order. Once the order has been placed,the positional trader has scant to do on a everyday basis.

This course is going to teach the position trading strategies that one can use to earn passive income with a little bit of hard work. The stock trading strategies, that are being covered as part of this Position Trading course, are derived by combining Elliot Wave Theory & classical technical analysis. The programme will be covering the relevant concepts from these areas and then stock trading strategies with the learners. It will also cover money management so that the participants can know exactly how much risk they should be taking on each trade.


This course will enable the students to:

  • Learn Position Trading Basics
  • Learn how to combine Elliott Wave Theory & Classical Technical Analysis to create your own trading strategy
  • Learn basics of Elliott Wave Theory
  • Learn basics of Gaps Trading
  • Learn key money management technique for trading success


At the end of this program, the learners will be able to:

  • Do position trading using 3 advanced strategies
  • Do better money management of your trading capital
  • Understand basics of Elliott Wave Theory which is an advanced concept in technical analysis

Topics Covered


  • Positional Stock Trading Strategies
  • Stock Trading Strategy basics

Basics of Elliot Wave Theory

  • An introduction to Elliot Wave Theory

Motive Waves

  • Motive Waves & Impulse Waves
  • Diagonal Triangles

Corrective Waves

  • Corrective patterns-Understanding Zig Zags & Flats
  • Triangle Pattern
  • Complex Correction or Combinations

Classical Technical Analysis

  • An introduction to Gaps
  • Gaps that matter
  • Gaps that don't matter
  • Gaps that matter

Positional Trading Strategy-Strategy One

  • Understanding the First Stock Trading Strategy
  • First Stock Trading Strategy Example

Positional Trading Strategy-Strategy Two

  • Understanding the Second Stock Trading Strategy
  • Second Stock Trading Strategy Example

Positional Trading Strategy-Strategy Three

  • Understanding the Third Stock Trading Strategy
  • Third Stock Trading Strategy Example

Money Management

  • Money Management Concepts

Intended Participants

  • From Beginners to Pros anyone can profit from learning these stock trading strategies
  • This course is best for people who would like to earn passive income by trading in the stock market


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