5 Future Investing Themes for Wealth Creation in India

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In this video, our speaker will talk about his principles of investing and the art of managing money. It will revolve around equities, fund management, clientele relation management, and the stocks that need to be considered. It will be a general conversation on investment ideas and the state of the market due to various external factors that can affect the money market. Investing themes will be discussed for more insights into the stock market and the generation of wealth.

Investment strategies should be according to the investor and what works for them, similarly, the investment themes should also be decided depending on several factors. The scenario of the country's economy, GDP, and other assets can also play a big part in the investment themes. Several financial crises have always been a part of the global financial sector due to which the stock market has faced many downtrends. People have suffered through major losses changing the face of the money market. All of this will be discussed in this video.If you want in-depth knowledge on investing and investment themes, then watch this video on 5 Future Investing Themes for Wealth Creation in India!

Gurmeet Chadha in Face2Face

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Gurmeet Chadha

Prior to founding Complete Circle Capital, Mr. Gurmeet worked for Citibank as a Vice President and Investments Head for the Northern Zone. In just three years, the AUMs increased from 3600 crores to 6000 crores under his guidance. He has also worked in the asset management industry for the past seven years, most recently as the Regional Head for the Greater Mumbai diaspora at Reliance Mutual Fund.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj