A2Z of India's NBFC Sector by a Real Banker

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In this Face2Face video, we have Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Arvind Datta, a banker and finance professional having 24+ years of experience across leading banks and NBFCs in India and the Middle East. This Face2Face video continues another video with Mr. Arvind Datta, which was posted previously. He will delve into the complexities of the banking industry and look at the potential investment opportunities it presents. Additionally, he will talk about the importance of non-performing small-cap (NPSC) investments. 

NBFCs are businesses that provide low-cost banking services. They are in the lending and advance business, acquiring shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, government securities, and other marketable leasing and insurance securities. To establish an NBFC, a company must first obtain an NBFC licence. Mr. Arvind Datta, a real banker, will provide a quality learning experience for all viewers who will benefit from it.

The presentation begins with Mr. Arvind Datta discussing the structure of NBFCs in the financial sector, followed by their role in the banking sector. He categorizes these institutions based on the financial activities they engage in. The video covers the evolution of NBFCs, providing valuable insights for investors. Additionally, it delves into the comparison between NBFCs and banks, shedding light on the functions of this sector in generating profits. A past crisis that affected the NBFC sector is also addressed, including an evaluation of its performance. The video highlights a case study featuring Muthoot Finance and M&M Finance, which viewers should not overlook.


Watch the complete video to get a thorough grasp of the banking industry and NBFCs, which significantly impact the financial market.

Mr. Arvind Datta in Face2Face

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Mr. Arvind Datta

He was a banker & a finance professional having 24+ years of experience across leading banks and NBFCs in India and in the Middle East. He has worked with HDFC Bank and Citi Bank in India and First Abu Dhabi Bank and Noor Bank in the United Arab Emirates. In his last assignment with Noor Bank, he was Senior Vice President and Head of Business Management, Retail Banking, and Business Banking responsible for Strategy, Finance, Sales Governance, and Business Analytics.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj