Options Trading करने का एक Unique तरीका।

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In this video, our speaker will talk about a unique style of options trading that will involve non-directional trading and other such techniques. It will start from the life cycle of options trade, which is an essential background of this whole presentation.

Leverage, low risk, and the ability to make money in both rising and falling markets are just a few benefits that options trading can offer. Before engaging in options trading, it's crucial to comprehend the risks, complexities, and potential losses that could result.

Mr. Amit Goel discusses options strategy selection via Implied Volatility Percentage Filter in this video. The market's expectation of future price fluctuations for an underlying asset, such as a stock or an option, is measured by implied volatility. It derives from option prices and is frequently expressed as a percentage. Implied volatility is a tool used by traders and investors to price options and gauge market sentiment. Option prices typically increase in price when implied volatility is high, reflecting the higher expected volatility. In contrast, option prices are generally lower when implied volatility is low, indicating lower expected volatility.

Later in the video, he will talk about non-directional strategies, which is a part of his options trading. Option strategy selection via IVP filter is also discussed thoroughly for better clarity and learning for all options traders.  A strategy construction checklist is also provided to make it easy for beginners and strugglers to make their own strategy with the help of backtesting and confirmations. Watch this video to learn about the unique method of options trading or Options Trading करने का एक Unique तरीका।

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Mr. Amit Goel

He is an experienced Options Trader, listed on India's first Options Trading platform Sensibull.com as an Options Expert Advisor with the highest follower base of nearly 1.5 lakh followers. His accuracy rate of 95% is the highest amongst all the advisors on Sensibull. He has generated more than 40% absolute return over the previous 7-8 months maintaining more than 95% accuracy rate. This track record is audited by Sensibull and is available in the public domain. He is a SEBI registered RA and MBA in Finance. He has nearly 20yrs of experience in the stock market, having previously worked with UTI Mutual Fund as an Equity Research Analyst.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj