Advance Volume Analysis of Big Players in Stock Market !!!

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In this Face2Face video, our guest speaker Mr. Karthik Ramachandan, a practitioner of Volume Spread Analysis (VSA), will talk about the behaviour and pattern of trading of the big bulls of the market. The crux of the video will be about advanced volume analysis used by the big players in the financial sector.


The presentation will include topics like volume spread analysis and volume price analysis, which will be discussed elaborately for more clarity. These indicators can be utilized well to make more money in the stock market, and we have it sorted for you.


The Wyckoff Method is a method of technical analysis that can assist investors in choosing which stocks to buy and when. Wyckoff's theory of what influences a stock's price movement is reflected in the Wyckoff market cycle. The 3 Laws of the Wyckoff Market cycle are also explained in the video in relation to the stocks that are discussed here. The speaker has provided a detailed summary of the theoretical aspect of this cycle, which can be used practically in the market. 


The phases of manipulation in the market are also a significant aspect that can influencethe process of money-making. The speaker will also talk about this, which will make it easier for the learners to understand the science behind the stock market.


Volume spread analysis is a method of determining price direction by examining candles and the volume per candle. It considers the volume per candle, the range spread, and the closing price. Volume spread analysis will be explained in terms of practical application in the stock market and the way it is used by the big players in the finance field. More will be discussed in this video, such as market structure and signs of weakness of the stocks with examples. 


Watch this now to understand the advanced volume analysis of big players!

Mr. Karthik Ramachandan in Face2Face

Your Speaker

Mr. Karthik Ramachandan

He is an engineer, passionate about Technical Analysis, and practicing for more than 15 years. Is also a keen practitioner of Volume Spread Analysis (VSA). He provided the first free VSA application on Amibroker charting platform which was ported to many other platforms including a few commercial ones and now on Trading view as well.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

Your Host

Vivek Bajaj