Learn Trading using Market Profile in Live Trading!

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In this video, our expert will talk about market profile and the concept of market profiling while trading that can help you to make a calculated move. This initiates the portfolio and the profit that can be gained through trading. 

Be it the auction market theory, plotting market charts, we will be touching all these aspects that can guide you towards doing better in the stock market. Our viewers will enjoy this and learn from these segments.

The most exciting part of this video has to be the live trading section, which has been for 2 days continously and the best parts have been curated for you. Watch the full video to experience this new concept and the steps that have been taken while trading live.

Mr. Parth Dhamija in Face2Face

Your Speaker

Mr. Parth Dhamija

He is a 28 year old professional trader who trades in the Indian indices (i.e Nifty & NiftyBank). He started trading full-time in 2018 along with pursuing CFA and is currently managing around ₹3 crore of his own money that he built up from around ₹15 Lakh. His motto in life and trading is ‘skills are cheap, passion is priceless’.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

Your Host

Vivek Bajaj