Algo और Quant Trading क्या होता है ?

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In this Face to face series, Co-Founder of Elearnmarkets & StockEdge Vivek Bajaj and Mr Subhadip Nandy will discuss Quants & Algo in very simple language! In this video, get to know how Mr. Subhadip Nandy has started off with his journey in the markets. He said at 18 years he developed an interest in the markets, at first in which he used to apply in New Issues, and then his first visit to Calcutta Stock Exchange got him hooked to the StockMarkets.From 2000 March till 2003 he spent his life as a full-time trader. Later in this video, Mr Subhadip Nandy explained that we just concentrate on Normal Technical Analysis. We learn Trend & Momentum, but there is another thing which is called Volatility, which predicts the volatility of a stock through which a prediction can be made.

Mr. Subhadip Nandy will define Quants & Algo & the difference between them. He explained this concept with a very special example- which is from the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci. Secondly, he used another example of none other than Warren Buffet, who started observing people and what they purchased sitting in front of a departmental store. If you further go in this video, Quants have been defined in very simple words. Quant: Quantitative is analyzing the reality of what is going on. 

He also discusses Wherein Algo is the set of rules, and it can also be based on Technical Analysis rules; how does a normal individual, Retail, Investor/Trader can go in Quants to systematically trade?, IT professionals, Engineers & others are very much active in the market. How can they involve in Quants? Know which software tool you can use. As the buyer of an option, one earns 25-30%. Know the cheat sheet of when and how one can earn money. If you are a part-time trader, should you opt for weekly expiring options trading or monthly expiring options trading? Concluding this video, he  gave us a very valuable lesson where he said "First you observe and then turn your observation into mathematics"

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Subhadip Nandy

Subhadip Nandy is an Algo/system designer specializing in Indian and US financial markets. Strategies are based upon proprietary concepts on technical analysis. Quant concepts are blended with technical analysis as and when required. Strategies used primarily consist of alpha generating systems in stocks, commodities and forex. All strategies are developed in-house and use a proprietary position sizing methodology. Academic interests include quant models, game theory, HFT, the effect of the polity on financial markets, booms and bursts over the centuries etc. Have had experience as a guide to research projects on financial markets. Appeared on television channels as a financial market expert. He has graduated with Economics with post grad in Business Management with 18+ years of experience as a trader and analyst. He was the Head-Research & Director-Algorithmic Strategies for one of the biggest commodities prop firms in India. Now he is working as an independent quantitative trader and also trains traders on systematic trading.
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