एक Real Businessman जो Share market से केसे कमा रहा है?

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In this new series, Face2Face Emerge we will bring you people from the finance industry with a story to tell. They are young, dynamic, and prospering in this industry, bringing you their experience. It will help you take a step forward in your financial journey while looking at people from different walks of life. 

For this video, we have our rocking host Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Rakesh Jhawar, a remarkable businessman who has achieved great success by managing his established family business while actively participating in the stock market. Initially, his knowledge of options selling was limited as he primarily focused on IPOs. However, upon the recommendation of a colleague, he delved into option-selling strategies to diversify his business and increase his earnings. He has his nephew, who has been helping him with the technological aspect of trading. He is also a part of this presentation. 

Mr. Jhawar and his nephew shift their focus towards stock options selling, as they elaborate on the strategy they have been employing in the market to gain momentum. In this video, they thoroughly explain the philosophy and analytical technique behind their strategy. They utilize Opstra as the medium to demonstrate the implementation. An exploration of trading philosophy and risk management follows the discussion.

Mr. Jhawar discusses the concept of a strangled trade and acknowledges the necessity of making trading modifications. He emphasizes the importance of employing diverse strategies to mitigate potential losses. He illustrates the adaptability of his approach by discussing its implementation in a developing market. He specifies a projected return of approximately 5% on invested capital and demonstrates the utilization of additional calls and puts to offset losses. Using Tata Motors as an example, he showcases his trading strategy.

Watch this video to learn from Mr. Rakesh Jhawar and his nephew as they discuss their perspectives and experiences selling stock options. Learn about their approach, philosophy, and risk management strategies to improve your financial journey.

Mr. Rakesh Jhawar in Face2Face

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Mr. Rakesh Jhawar

Rakesh Jhawar is the Co-Founder of Mamta Masalas (https://www.mamtaspices.com) and has been an equity investor in the Indian stock market for more than 20 years. In search of a slightly better return, Mr. Jhawar ventured into the world of options trading around May 2020. His style of trading is unconventional as he does not use charts and technical indicators and works around pure price. Mr. Jhawar has proved that with discipline, risk management, and diversification anybody can be profitable. Hope you find his story inspiring.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj