How to become a Peaceful Options Trader?

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In this Face2Face video, our guest speaker Mr. Priyadarshan Joshi is an options seller and he will be talking about options in detail for our learners. It will be a great learning experience for all the options traders and also the beginners who want to gain maximum profit.His presentation will include various aspects of options trading including the right psychology, which is required in a good options trader. He will talk about the strategies he uses and discusses for more clarity, adjustments, better options traders, ploughing the profits, and how to make cash your army.

Everything will be demonstrated live in the trading view and the options dashboard, it will also have his strategies such as iron condor or strangle. This will be extremely informative for everyone in the stock market, which makes this a must-watch! He says that trade in such a way that your loss is not able to affect you, which suggests that trading should be a peaceful affair. 

A bear call spread and a bull put spread are simultaneously sold on the same underlying asset, usually with the same expiration date, as part of the iron condor options trading strategy. When an investor anticipates that the price of the underlying asset will remain range-bound within a particular range, they will use this strategy. When the value of the underlying asset stays within the band delineated by the strike prices of the sold options, the iron condor strategy is profitable. Losses may occur if the price fluctuates outside of this range.

Options strategies are different methods or arrangements of options contracts that traders use to potentially profit from changes in the price of an underlying asset or to control risk. Before using any options strategy, it's critical to comprehend the risks and potential rewards involved with each one and to take your investment goals and risk tolerance into account. To know more about options trading and how to do it peacefully, watch our video on How to become a Peaceful Options Trader?

Mr. Priyadarshan Joshi in Face2Face

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Mr. Priyadarshan Joshi

Priyadarshan Joshi has been a Part Time Options Trader since 2007. He mainly executes positional, non-directional trades with strict profit targets. Specializes in short strangles and inverted jade lizard options strategies. He has also won Zerodha 60 Day Trading Challenge 22 times till now, based in Vadodara, and is the CEO of a Software Development Company.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj