How to Improve दुख-सुख in Stock Market ?

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We bring you Face2Face Trading featuring Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, and Mr. Rakesh Pujara, and his son Mr. Chaitanya Pujara. This Face2Face will continue our previous video with Mr. Rakesh Pujara. The father-son duo will take us on a ride and provide great information on the ups and downs of the stock market. They will explore the rule-based trading and investing concept, taking cues from legendary investors Ray Dalio and Jim Simons. Individuals can create a framework that guides their decision-making and reduces risks by adhering to predetermined norms and processes.

From long-term wealth creation to options trading, we have it all set for you in this video, as you will get the perspective of two generations and their insights on wealth management. Rakesh Pujara explains how he switched from discretionary trading to rule-based strategies, and Chaitanya represents the new generation embracing systematic ways. In this insightful discussion, learn how rule-based trading and investing are implemented. The challenges in investing will be discussed from investing in indices to direct investing. 

They emphasize that systematic trading and investing can generate all-weather gains, regardless of the state of the market. Market participants can generate consistent earnings while reducing the chance of failure by adhering to clearly defined processes and implementing risk management measures. He will provide four more strategies and a modified version of a previously discussed approach. These strategies focus on risk management, capital rotation, and favourable risk-to-reward ratios. He highlights the importance of staying updated and adapting to shifting market dynamics. This video discusses the most significant anomaly in mutual funds and suggests a rule-based, model-based strategy to address challenges caused by subjectivity and individual interpretation.

Watch the full video to know what you have been missing out and what you should know before entering the stock market. 

Rakesh Pujara in Face2Face

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Rakesh Pujara

Rakesh has over 25 years of trading and investment experience in the Indian equity markets. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University in 1992 and ICWA from the ICWA Institute in 1996. In the initial part of his career, he worked in the Finance departments of different firms in diamond, exports, and media industries. In 1999 he joined Shree Naman Securities & Finance as a Finance Manager. In 2002, he established the proprietary trading desk at Naman and grew it to be the major contributor to the firm’s revenue.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj