How to make Big Money in Stock Market? By Ashu Madan

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This Face2Face trading with Vivek Bajaj and Ashu Madan will be all about the retail investors and why are they losing money in the market. The reason behind this common belief will be decoded with the nitty and gritty of the stock market, which will involve the strategies that he has been applying all this while. 

Psychology of trading with different schools of thought that evolves with time and experience is an essential aspect of the stock market. Mastering trading psychology is an art that should be done by all traders and this video will help you to know all about it. Questions like why people lose their money and how they can recover it through smart trading techniques, you will know everything. Also, know how to create exit strategy and to analyse the market noise. The ideal framework of trading strategy to the current market scenario will be discussed by Ashu Madan in this video with full detail, which will ensure that our learners are also up to date with the movements of the market. 


Mr. Ashu Madan in Face2Face

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Mr. Ashu Madan

He is the Co-Head Business Affiliate Grp & MD of JM Financial Services, with a passion for Stock Markets, cricket, cinema, and traveling.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj